The Cause

Why is the GMFs work important?

The Gambia is one of the poorest countries in Africa & as a result has one of the worst health records in the world. The infant mortality rate there is incredibly high at 7 in 100 compared the the UK’s 4 in 1000. This is due to a huge lack of the most basic of medical supplies as well as more advanced equipment that is common place in all UK hospitals. One clinic the GMF visited on the north bank in an area called Albreda had 5 pairs of surgical gloves left & once they were used there were no more disposable gloves available.

Tragically many children have the opportunity of life taken from them before it has even begun due to this dire shortage. We believe that the children & mothers are the foundation of any country & so if they pass on, the countries chances of developing itself towards a brighter future diminish with them.

There is much work that can be done to help this situation by providing aid & developing social projects where the need is greatest. It is the Gambian Maternity Foundation’s ultimate goal to contribute to lowering the infant mortality rate in a country rich in the quality of it’s people but poor in the quantity of it’s resources.