About Us

The Gambian Maternity Foundation is a UK based fledgling grass roots organisation, who’s ultimate aim is to reduce the infant mortality rate within The Gambia.

It was formed after it’s members were moved by sad stories of infant deaths within The Gambia. It then pledged to deliver aid where the need is greatest through the supply of used medical equipment from the UK. The GMF seeks to make good use of equipment that would otherwise be thrown away to help those who greatly need & appreciate such vital medicinal aid.

After running a successful fundraising event called “Big in The Gambia” in November 2015 the GMF travelled to The Gambia in January 2016. It’s aim was to deliver medical supplies to the Edward Francis Small Teaching hospital with the funds raised & forge a working relationship with the Gambian ministry of health. The GMF also secured the status of registered charity within The Gambia, number 2016/C2765, which grants it governmental recognition & benefits such as duty waivers on any shipping containers brought into the country.

The GMF’s UK board of trustees were brought together by the founding trustee, Jess Farmer, to build & grow an organisation that will benefit many in the future to come.

The UK trustee board:

Jess Farmer – Founding Trustee


Stephanie Mills – Treasurer

Michael Gates – Trustee

Freddie Green – Trustee


Our Gambian boardmembers:

Jess Farmer – President

Our secretary & operations facilitator in Gambia, Musa Saidy & his daughter Lauren.


Bully Tamba- Treasurer

Lamin Queen Jaiteh – chairman

Sulayman Ceesay-Trustee

The GMF’s target for 2016 is to gather enough medical supplies & equipment to fill a shipping container for distribution to The Gambia in early 2017. Please help us achieve this goal by donating funds towards the cause. Any medical equipment & supply donations or contacts to obtain equipment are very greatly appreciated as are anything a newborn baby or mother would appreciate such as clothes or toys.

Help the Gambia & donate today! 🙂